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Ceramic tile stove PERU with (or without) boiler

We are not stopping and bring a new product – ceramic tile stove PERU. can work with or without connection to radiators handmade ceramic tiles primary, secondary and tertiary air supply glass air-wash, glass stays always clean firebox lined with schamotte fire bricks

PROFI materials for the fireplace builders

Materials SILATERM for fireplace builders now in our offer. 🔥 heat-resistant mortars 🔥 cements, fillers, finishes 🔥 inspection doors. All available on stock!
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BERTRAMS – austrian quality in flue pipes

The flue pipes inherently belong to the stoves. The flue pipe safely get the flues from the stove into the chimney. .🏠 The times of the red-hot fluepipes are already gone. 🔥HS Flamingo offers flue pipes BERTRAMS from Austria. History of the company dates back to 1876 and the quality is unmatched.

New stove – ESPO III

☝️New product for the 2019☝️ 🔥🔥🔥stove ESPO III🔥🔥🔥 Stove ESPO III is available in 6 colours, equipped with external air supply, clean burning and glass air wash. More information at the Flamingo line web site

ECODESIGN – new regulation

☝️ Be careful, when buing new stove. All stoves and fireplace inserts from HS Flamingo fully meet the new regulation requirements. 🔥🔥🔥
News insulation board Grenaisol

News – Grena products in our offer

We have included products of the Czech company GRENA a.s. It is a complete stove building range from boards to mortars and adhesives. You can find our assortment in our catalog:Grena products

New forwarder – PPL

We started working with another parcel carrier – PPL. PPL CZ s.r.o. is one of the most important shipment carriers on the Czech market. Since its foundation, PPL has specialized in domestic parcel shipping to corporate addresses. They were the first to extend their transport services by private parcel shipping and domestic pallet shipping. Currently, it provides shipments of up to 3,000 kg in the Czech Republic. Our cooperation with the partner company DHL also enabled the expansion of services by transportation of packages to Europe.

New forwarder RABEN

We started working with another pallet carrier – RABEN. Raben Group has been operating on the European market for more than eighty-five years and offers comprehensive logistics services. The company’s subsidiaries are located in 12 European countries: Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Packaging of HS Flamingo products

Sometimes it happens that the forwarders deliver the stove in a different condition than it was loaded 🙂 That’s why we would like to show you how we pack our products. All packaging has been designed by professionals.


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